Art of Tea Organic GABA Oolong

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GABA Oolong is grown exclusively in Taiwan using a unique fermentation process.

While flavour can range from light to full bodied, floral to grassy, and sweet to toasty - we found this particular Oolong to be light, slightly sweet with grassy undertones.


While all tea contains some gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), Japanese scientists discovered that fermenting tea in a nitrogen-rich environment significantly enhances GABA levels.

In the body, GABA acts as a neurotransmitter and offers extensive health benefits, notably reducing anxiety, stress, depression and other nervous system disorders.

It can also promote alertness and enhance sleep quality.

Oolongs are known as a semi-oxidised tea - this means the process of oxidisation (or fermentation) has occurred partially but has been stopped before it is complete.

Noting that green teas are not oxidised at all & black teas are fully oxidised.

They can range from being quite green in colour (green oolong) through to dark brown (amber oolong), depending on the extent of the oxidisation process.

Oolongs should be consumed without milk, & infused at 85-90oC, to prevent scalding of the leaves. They can be re-infused several times.




2.5 grams

Brewing Temperature 85-90 degrees Celsius

Brew Time 2-3 minutes

Serve Hot