Bio Profiler Cellular Health 2 Scan Package

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Welcome to a new way of Health and Wellbeing!

The Bio Profiler is a hair scanner that takes information from the roots of the hair to give you a real time, cellular level profile on YOUR inner health.

We recommend a followup scan in 8-12 weeks after your initial scan, to monitor any changes you have made and effects on your inner health.

Taking just 12 minutes, your 26 page Bio Profiler report is a record of the personal environmental influences which could be impacting health and general wellbeing at the time your hair was scanned. It covers the following categories and items:

Vitamins x 16 most common

Minerals x 16 most common

Essential Faty Acids x 3

Antioxidant x 13 groups

Amino Acids x 23

Toxins – Chemicals, Radiation, Toxic Metals

Microbiology – Bacteria, Fungus, Moulds/Spores, Parasites, Virus

EMF & ELF x 14 major categories

Foods and food additives – those foods and additives to avoid

Note: The Bio Profiler does not claim to diagnose nor treat any disease or condition and the information received is for your own use and that you are under no obligation to change, alter or amend diet or lifestyle at its recommendation