Warndu Davidson Plum & Lemon Myrtle Loose Leaf Tea

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Davidson Plum wild harvested and farmed in the rainforests of Northern New South Wales and Lemon Myrtle wild harvested from the Flinders Ranges. 

All of Warndu's teas are hand-blended with freshly ground products to ensure a perfect balance of Native Australian flavours. This is loose leaf caffeine-free tea made from premium dried herbs and fruits.


 Taste profile: This tea has hints of stewed rhubarb, citrus and has a beautiful pink colour when brewed

 Shelf Life: 12 months

 Serving Size (50g):  Approximately 40 small cups of tea.  


Warndu means good in the Adnyamathanha language. Their mission is to REGENERATE culture, community, tradition, health and our soils. Every product they make includes one or more Australian Native ingredients. 

Warndu's products are all made in Australia from 100% locally sourced, seasonal and wild harvested produce