Reusable Cup Ceramic Books - Navy Blue

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How gorgeous are these cups??

The perfect marriage of Tea (or Coffee) and their best friends - BOOKS!


 There are also many benefits to using a reusable cup for your morning coffee that you might not be aware of.

  • Maintains heat – a ceramic Keep Cup maintains the temperature of your drink better plus, you’ll win major brownie points if you drive a cup of coffee over to your best friend’s house and it’s still warm.
  • Taste – a hot brew in a reusable ceramic cup (over a paper cup) just tastes better!
  • BPA plastic free – our Keep Cups are BPA plastic free. Ceramic Cups have become a popular choice now as they reduce the amount of plastic on the cups and offer even greater benefits to the environment.
  • Convenience – if you’ve made the mistake of committing to the solo mission of visiting your favourite Tea Room to pick up coffees for all, you’ve probably experienced the coffee spout that can occur when you drive around a corner. Reusable cups offer better seals and thus keep your coffee warm and cosy, reducing the risk of possible spills during transit.
  • Easier to hold – the silicone band that wraps around the cup keeps your fingers warm and comfy, without burning them. This is great for both coffee lovers and Barista alike.
  • Barista’s love them – despite what you might think, our Barista’s love reusable cups. They’re still able to pour a great coffee and they’re designed to be the same size as standard coffee sizes while greatly reducing waste and spillage.
  • You look SUPER COOL! - enough said.....


415ml Cup with Silicon heat band and lid