Reusable eCup Bamboo Tropical Print - Banana Leaves

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Drink your tea and coffee in style with this eco friendly reusable cup - they are a great eco friendly choice if you are looking to swap out your throwaway coffee cups.  

These cups are made from bamboo, cornstarch and resin and it turns out that bamboo is a great material to make an eco friendly cup from!  

Bamboo is a sustainable crop, they can be grown without pesticides and grow incredibly fast.  Bamboo is a plant product therefore it stores carbon and will biodegrade. They can be harvested over and over again because as a stem is cut, the plant will grow new stems to replace it.  

So how do they make it into a coffee cup? Well most companies are mixing it with non-GMO cornstarch and a resin.  The lid is made from the same material or a silicon (like the silicone baking mats). Basically the bamboo fibres are mixed with the cornstarch to make a paste, then a resin is added which makes it hard.  

The resin makes these coffee cups super durable. That means if you drop it (which we can tend to do!) it will probably survive.  Of course it isn’t indestructible however if you treat it well, it will last for years.

Are bamboo coffee cups biodegradable?

Bamboo itself is a natural fibre and when returned to the earth will break down.  Research have found suggests that these bamboo cups will take approximately one year to break down.  That is far better than normal takeaway coffee cups which can take more than 50 years to break down.

Most normal takeaway coffee cups are plastic lined so there are suggestions that these microplastics will never actually break down (or certainly not in our lifetime).

Can you put bamboo cups in the dishwasher?

The best thing to do is to check the bottom of the cup.  Most of them will be dishwasher safe as the resin keeps the cups strong. 

Over time if you put it in the dishwasher everyday it might wear out quicker.  It's easy to just to give it a wash when you get home after a day out in the sink - that way it will keep your cup going for as long as possible.

Are bamboo cups microwave safe?

Most bamboo cups say “Do Not Microwave” and we certainly think that this is a wise idea for all bamboo cups.

Again the best thing to do is to check the bottom of the cup.


350ml capacity bamboo takeaway cup. With bamboo lid and silicone band.