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Doing our part...

Posted by ANNIE on 24th Jul 2021

At the time of writing this, Tassie has been incredibly fortunate and diligent in keeping COVID at bay - and we have been using the Checkin Tas App for the Tea Room for quite a while.As of 1st May, … read more

Mine's bigger than yours......

Posted by ANNIE on 24th Jul 2021

The other month we challenged you to a 'To Be Read' Book pile competition and we got to see some amazing piles of books from people all over Tassie and even interstate!This month we thought we'd do … read more

A new age of Skin Protection

Posted by ANNIE on 24th Jul 2021

Ever think about how your phone, computer or tablet might actually be harming your skin?Blue Light (emitted from screens) is becoming a new danger to skin health in our lifetime.The blue light porti … read more

Gentle reminder...

Posted by ANNIE on 3rd Jun 2021

Here in Australia, certainly, and most definitely in Tasmania, we have been incredibly fortunate so far with the challenges that COVID has presented.In Tassie especially, we have been blessed to ret … read more