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Tips for feeling your best at home.

Our online videos have had a lovely response and we hope they have been helpful - especially for those either working from or secluded at home.Annie grabbed some time with a good friend recently to get some tips on video making (seeing at it's not quite covered in Massage Therapy courses!) so we hope that they will start [...]

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We've got you covered for Mother's Day and beyond.....

We're totally (virtually) here for you!OK, so our doors are still closed on our businesses.We are still in self isolation or in lockdown in our homes.We know we shouldn't leave unless it's for essential needs.But Mother's Day is COMING!!!!It's my friend's/husband's/aunty's/friendly neighbour with a beard's BIRTHDAY!!!I'm down to only 15 boxes of TEA on my TEA [...]

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keeping busy....

Our sanctum and Tisane girls are doing us proud and keeping busy at home with family (both furry and non furry) as well as getting a few jobs done that have been on the To Do list for some time - sound familiar?All three girls have had plenty of time with fur babies - top left is Albus, the [...]

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So.... how you doin'?

As we are writing this, we are at just 5 weeks from when we shut the doors to sanctum and Tisane.Forgive us if this is SO not the same for you, but honestly, that time has gone pretty quickly for us.Having said that - we have definitely been making the effort to keep ourselves occupied and productive. The [...]

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We can't get our hands on you!!! to do if we can't reach out and touch....So, here's the thing...To be a massage and skin care therapist you kind of need to actually TOUCH people!!So with this 'wee freaky virus thingy' (as a wonderful Scottish friend called it) making that difficult right now, we started thinking about how else we might be [...]

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We're still connected.....

Our online store is here for you...OK, so our doors are closed on our businesses.We're either in self isolation or in lockdown in our homes.We are being asked not to leave unless it's for essential needs.But we've run out of TEA!!!!Never fear - we've got you!Annie has been working over the past week to get [...]

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Bookings and Beyond......'ve probably either seen Annie's little video on facebook or Insta (spoiler alert - there's tears), been contacted by us already or just seen in the news that as of last week, businesses such as ours were asked to shut their doors.Now, while we were expecting it - it still was a very hard day [...]

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What a difference a few weeks make......

We're going to go out on a limb here and say that we think that not everything that's been happening of late is a bad thing....By that we mean things like: that extra little bit of space between you and the next shopper at Coles/Officeworks/the Bakery/your favourite Cafe etc :) :) :)how clean everything looks and [...]

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