Introducing 'Bloom Basics' @ Bloom Fitness

Posted by annie on 2nd Oct 2020

Looking for something new to get you moving again, to sink your teeth into?

Perhaps you don’t know where to start or perhaps you’re feeling a little intimidated about walking into a Studio for the first time?

Welcome to ‘Bloom Basics’ - a new addition to the Bloom family tree and Annie's first Class for Bloom Fitness!

Classes are inspired by a classic Ballet Exercise Class and the first half of the Class will find us working us at the Barre, getting those legs nice and warm before moving onto our arms, a quick boost to the heart rate then core and floor – this class will have you moving and grooving in no time!

Perfect as the start to your Barre journey (or as a refresher if you’ve been away a while) as our focus will be on strong foundations and technique as well as giving you a great workout.

Looking for quality of each movement, not the quantity.

Those with injuries (current or old) and our gorgeous Mums to Be are all very welcome as is anyone who’d just like to come along for a great class.

In Basics, we give a little more time to movement explanation and technique adjustment, occasionally with coaching at the beginning of the class in a particular movement and time at the end for any questions.

We teach you what, how and why.

Our ultimate goal is to not only grow your fitness levels but also your confidence.

Who knows?

You might just surprise yourself!

Available Sundays in October 10am for 50 minute Class - numbers are limited to get in quick to avoid missing out.

Click here for the Class timetable and to find out more.