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The Sky's the limit!

Posted by ANNIE on 4th Aug 2021

Housemade White Hot Chocolate with Tasmanian Blueberries, a freshly toasted handmade Marshmallow, finished with a dash of Cinnamon.......#wintersky #cityprom #winterlicious #delicious … read more

and the Winner is.........

Posted by ANNIE on 4th Aug 2021

Last month we challenged you to the ultimate Tea Challenge!!!We wanted to see your very own Tea Stash - be it your shelf, your tin, your wooden box, your cupboard, your knicker drawer (no judgement) … read more

The effects of Blue Light on your skin

Posted by ANNIE on 4th Aug 2021

Both UV rays and blue light are bad for your skin and eyes, but the biggest danger from blue light is that it gets up close and personal - how often is your phone right next to your face?Long-term b … read more

High Tea @ Tisane

Posted by ANNIE on 4th Aug 2021

High Tea makes it's debutWe've been sitting on this for a while - working out how we might offer not only a great High Tea but also a great experience.And with all the uncertainty still out there in … read more

Doing our part...

Posted by ANNIE on 24th Jul 2021

At the time of writing this, Tassie has been incredibly fortunate and diligent in keeping COVID at bay - and we have been using the Checkin Tas App for the Tea Room for quite a while.As of 1st May, … read more