A paler shade of Winter...

Posted by ANNIE on 3rd Jun 2021

Winter is here.

Thick coats. Long boots. Roaring fires. Sunday Drives. Warm showers and Hot Chocolates.

What a great time to be in Tassie!

And while we easily change our clothes to meet the new demands from the weather - we often forget to change our skin care to match new needs as well.

Dry, cooler air and sharp sunshine affect our skin daily - plus we often drink hotter drinks, take hotter showers and generally heat up our body to cope with the lower temperatures.

Our skin suffers simply from further dehydration and lack of care.

So easy to fix though!

Step One: take quick stock of how your skin is feeling (face and body btw) - is it feeling dry, flaky, itchy or sensitive? It is red or irritated looking?

Step Two: look at your current products - are they working for you? Hint....if you answered 'Yes' to any of the questions in Step One - then the answer is NO.

Step Three: look at a slighter richer version of what you are already using (that way no habits or routine need to change) or perhaps look at adding just one more step, say a hydrating serum or mask, into your routine.

Step Four: come chat to Annie if you would like some tailored help and advice.


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