Gentle reminder...

Posted by ANNIE on 3rd Jun 2021

Here in Australia, certainly, and most definitely in Tasmania, we have been incredibly fortunate so far with the challenges that COVID has presented.

In Tassie especially, we have been blessed to return to 'normal' quite soon after coming out of the nationwide lockdown. It can also mean that we have relaxed in terms of looking out for ourselves and for each other just a little.

With this in mind, we are asking everyone that, as we come into the winter cold and flu season (and with COVID still firmly in mind), that we are really mindful about entering our little space while you are unwell.

Most importantly, for our Massage and Facial treatments.

We completely understand that you might be feeling achy and tired and that a treatment sounds like just the ticket to help you feel better but please consider this:~

  • the world is still in the grip of a respiratory based pandemic
  • we will be in very close quarters in a small, warmed room for upwards of an hour
  • should Annie become unwell, the entire salon side of our business will shut down - no leeway, no back up. Every client booked in that we would need to cancel will not be able to simply shift their appointment to the following week - in all likelihood, they will all miss a month, or several months, before their next booked time as we are so busy - currently this can be upwards of 50 people over a 2 week period
  • there is no sick pay and no longer job keeper to offset any loss of income for us
  • when you are sitting in the treatment room is really not the place to tell us you are unwell - a phone call beforehand to let us help decide the best course of action is the best way to handle any situation like this

We hope that we can all understand that none of this is personal in any way - we are simply trying to keep as many of us well and safe as we can and to keep our doors open for as long as possible.