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Rejigs and Introductions...

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With our new Menu and opening hours being so well received for the Tea Room, we have also rejigged our Instagram page name and created a fresh new Tisane Website to go along with our current sanctum site.

Our new Instagram handle, from August 1st with be 'sanctumandtisane' - those of you who are already following shouldn't need to change anything, the system should update this for you.

Those who are yet to follow us - do search for this name now instead of our old 'sanctumbody' handle.

Our website for the Tea Room is and is a simple few pages that we can dedicate to all things Tea that also links back to our online store for Tea and Product Sales on the sanctum website.

Just a few little changes and a bit of fun for us!

*A reminder too that our Tea Room hours are now:

Wed 10am to 4pm

Thurs 10am to 7pm

Fri 10am to 4pm

Sat 9am to 3pm


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