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Recently added to our website - our tasty Tea Tasting Flights are now available to be delivered directly to your door!

Choose from Three different Flights and we'll send out everything you need to experience, learn and enjoy Tea like you've never done before!
Why not grab a friend (virtually of course!) and order the same Flight, choose a time to both Fly, then jump online and chat?

Choose from:
Black and White - Pai Mu Tan, Darjeeling and Strudel (Black Tea with Vanilla
The Greens - Tasmanian Green Tea, Maiko (Genmaicha) and Moroccan Mint
The Fruits - Blueberry, Casablanca (Green Tea with Strawberry and Mint) and Raspberry Vanilla Rooibos

We'll send out:
* the Three Teas in loose leaf form
* their paired Bahen and Co artisan Chocolate
* our Tea Tasting Guide
* the matching Tasting Notes for your chosen Flight
* a Tea Flavour Wheel

All for just $25

This is a great way to spend at least an hour enjoying Tea and Chocolate.


Fruity Teas

Blueberry paired with Bahen and Co Raspberry Rose 70% Chocolate

'Casablanca' (Green Tea with Strawberry and Mint) paired with Bahen and Co Almond Sea Salt 70% Chocolate

Raspberry Vanilla Rooibos paired with Bahen and Co Madagascar 70% Single Origin Chocolate